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“a visual inspection of a home or property looking for obvious issues.”


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Why Corolla Home Watch?

In 2013, after vacationing in the Outer Banks for 19 years, my wife and I purchased a vacation home in Corolla.  In November of that year, a coastal storm struck Corolla, resulting in some local property damage.   Being concerned, and not available to come down in person to check on our home, we decided to call the rental company that was marketing our home at the time we bought it.

We were looking for someone to walk the property, and check for obvious issues.  We also wanted someone to take a look inside and make sure there weren’t any obvious issues.  Our expectations of this check were for the person doing the checking to have the ability to photograph and take detailed pictures of any problems, be able to mitigate any damages that could result in a greater loss, write a report that could be sent to our insurance company, and of course, contact us immediately.  We also thought it would be a good idea to get someone who would be able to do some kind of storm preparation at the house for us, for future events like this one.

At the time, after waiting 5 days for a return call, the rental agency would send someone out to check on our home for us, for a $50 fee.  That fee did not include any pictures or a written report, any mitigation of current issues/damage. I can’t tell you how many sleepless nights my wife and I had thinking about what might be going on with our home.  Because we were working, and 8 hours away, coming down in the days after the storm was not an option.  We were upset that this was our only recourse.  Besides seeming unreasonable, we weren’t getting anything for our money. Furthermore, we had to call them back to get an answer on what they found, and we were not really sure they ever went to our house, but they sure billed us for it.

Later that month, we decided to make a trip down, and luckily, our home only sustained some broken limbs on some pine trees, but some of our neighbors weren’t that lucky. In 2015, the dream of calling Corolla home and becoming full time residents became a reality for my wife and me. After doing some research, we realized that there was not one locally based Home Watch Company in the Corolla.  In fact, the only one we were able to find in all of the Outer Banks was 3 towns and 30 miles South of us.

In 2016 during a span of about 5 weeks between Labor Day and Columbus Day, the Outer Banks and in particular Corolla and the North Beach had been hit by 2 tropical storms and Hurricane Matthew.  In the aftermath of those storms, roads in and out of Corolla were impassable for what amounted to weeks.  Travel to the mainland, or even into Kitty Hawk required an elevated vehicle to traverse the near 60 inches of rain that fell and remained on Rt 12 and the surrounding neighborhoods.  What we realized then was, unless someone was living in Corolla, there would be no one that would be able to check on any of the homes North of Duck within that time frame. After seeing an immediate need for a local Home Watch Company that serviced both Corolla and the North Beaches, Corolla Home Watch was born in 2018.


Indee, the Corolla Home Watch Mascot!


Say hello to Indee, our 4 year old Staffordshire Terrier Pitbull, who was rescued from the shoulder of an interstate feeder ramp on July 4th while we were in San Antonio Texas for our son’s graduation from the United States Air Force Basic Training.  Collarless, and shaking with fear,  Indee popped up from lying down the minute we approached her, tail wagging so fast it looked like it would fall off.  Armed with some saltine crackers and makeshift leash fashioned from one of our daughters pocketbooks, we were able to bring Indee into our car.

Thankfully, we were able to find a wonderful animal hospital that was open during the holiday weekend where we brought her.  We can’t say enough of the people at Becker’s Animal Hospital.  They took care of Indee for the next three days until we were leaving town.  Becker’s told us that she did not have an owners chip in her, and she looked like she might have had a recent litter.  Undernourished, but healthy, Indee spent the next three days at Becker’s Animal Hospital and came home with us to the Outer Banks where she will forever be spoiled.

Indee is our official Corolla Home Watch mascot! So say hello to Indee, on our Facebook webpage, or just drop us an email at corollahomewatch@gmail.com.


Home Watch is a visual check of an unoccupied property looking for obvious issues.