Paula & Mike Meola

I was born and raised in Elizabeth NJ, and in 1984 at the age of 20 I joined the Elizabeth Police Department.  I served in various capacities during my 27 years at Elizabeth P.D., including Patrol Officer, K-9 Handler, and Detective.  Some of my assignments included Arson Investigation, Narcotics Investigations, Fraud and Identity Theft, along with Persons and Property Crimes.  I have attended numerous technical schools where my training, education, and experience helped me through these assignments, while allowing me to accumulate a tremendous amount of experience in both personal and property protection, and the detection and prevention of home invasions, destruction, and damage.

In 2012 I joined the New Jersey Office of Attorney General as a State Investigator where I worked in the Division of Consumer Protection involving numerous fraud cases, many of which were associated with unscrupulous Home Improvement Contractors in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy’s devastation of New Jersey.  I also have a background experience as a Licensed Realtor while in NJ, which allowed me the experience of attending all of my client’s home inspections, with a trained and licensed professional home inspector. I have also owned 5 homes in the last 30 years, with some of them being in a coastal community like the Outer Banks, and have that experience to draw upon.

Since being an Outer Banks resident, I have localized experience as a Security Supervisor for a Corolla Resort, and a maintenance technician for a local property management group. Adding those two experiences rounds out a skill set that has prepared me for almost every conceivable issue a home can have.

What does all this add up to for you, our client?  Well, quite easily, it’s peace of mind.  By using Corolla Home Watch, you can go on with your everyday lives with the peace of mind knowing that your home away from home is looked after by the only local professional Home Watch Company in Corolla.  A home watch company that not only serves all of the paved roads of Corolla, but the only one who proudly serves our clients in the 4X4 North beaches of Swan Beach, North Swan Beach, and Carova.  As the company owner and operator, I know all too well how that feeling of the unknown can be as an absentee homeowner, when an event unfolds, and you’re too far away to check on your property.

Once I am on your property, you can expect to receive a detailed report with pictures generated from our GPS based software that will show you the time and date stamped living proof that I was at your home, with pictures of any unusual conditions that I found.  Sometimes, I will be able to remedy these conditions with a simple adjustment, as in a stuck toilet flapper, or dripping hose bib, and others might need to be addressed in other ways.  Also, with your approval we can also forward these pictures and reports directly to your insurance carrier.

There are so many factors that affect our area that sometimes are not realized until after they occur.  Your home can experience damage in many ways, not only from the bad weather associated with a named storm, but in the everyday weather patterns that affect the Outer Banks.  From the hurricanes, numerous popup thunderstorms and occasional microburst fed by the warm waters of the Currituck Sound in the summer, to the multi day Nor’easters that are commonplace in the winter and spring months, there are constant threats all year round.

Last winter was extremely harsh with several stretches of sub freezing weather, which created a homeowners nightmare for those that did not winterize their homes.  And don’t forget how easily a broken window could allow animals into your home, creating thousands of dollars in damage, and every year we have our share of burglaries into homes for the electronics and other items.

Making the choice to use a Home Watch Company that provides you with not only state of the art services, but peace of mind, should be easy. Picking a company that will look after your home, for most, one of your biggest investments of your lives should be easy.  Picking a company that is based in the town your home is in, not 30 miles away, should be easy.

I am confident that with my security, safety, real estate, and problem solving experience that I have, the fact that I, along with my company Corolla Home Watch are locally based  in Corolla, will be able to serve the necessary needs that absentee homeowners want.  Make Corolla Home Watch, a locally family owned and run company, your easy choice when looking for someone to look after your home when you’re not there.